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26 Dec

Iran non-oil exports bring in over $31b in nine months

Non-oil exports stood at 31.593 billion dollars during the period, showing an increase of 9.05 percent compared to the figure for the corresponding period last year, IRNA reported.

According to the customs office the formalities to register 91.262 tons of exported goods and 24.867 million tons of imported goods have earlier been conducted nationwide.

Non-oil exports in nine months last year stood at 28.970 million dollars.

Iran’s imports in the past nine months reached 31.538 billion dollars, up by 4.38 percent compared to the figure for the same period last year. It indicates Iran’s commercial balance was positive in the past nine months.

Gas condensates worth of 5.124 billion dollars were major exports of Iran, accounting for 16.22 percent of total non-oil exports.

LNG stands next to them with 1.952 billion dollars, making up for 6.18 percent of the total non-oil exports.

Imported goods included soybean, auto parts, motor vehicles and rice. China was the biggest purchaser of the Iranian goods, as it imported goods worth of 5.697 billion dollars in the past nine months.

UAE, Iraq, Turkey and Korea followed China in terms of Iranian imports while China, UAE, South Korea and Turkey are also major importers to Iran.

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